John Paff, 2011

L to R. John Paff, Mike Ransom

At some point in this interview Mr. Paff informed the listener that it is easy to find him by googling his name. As New Jersey Chairman of several committees including the Open Government Advocacy Project. Mr. Paff has made himself fairly well-known.

Through his Advocacy Website and ongoing contact with traditional reporters, Paff has publicized the terms of several settlement agreements where one of the parties is a local government or government agency.

In a number of those cases, those governments and agencies would have preferred that the terms of the settlements remain generally unknown.

Paff also maintains a weblog with specific practical advice on how to become more involved and more informed about your local government.

The interview is available at the two links below via youtube.

Part 1 gives us an overview.

Part 2 is when we discuss the public interest aspect of Paff's work.

Teardrop Memorial Pavers, 2011

In the second half of 2011, we researched the topic of the Memorial Pavers that appear at the Teardrop Monument at the eastern end of the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor.

Teardrop Monument
Memorial Pavers

One aspect of that research was to interview some people to tell us about the pavers they purchased and the people they honored.

Martha Oleski
MaryAnn Shea
Neil DeSena

We also got information from Frank Perrucci, who first proposed the paver program, from Joe Doria who, is very knowledgable about the acquisition and construction of the monument, and from Jerry Kelly, who has run the paver program since its inception.

Frank Perrucci
Joseph Doria
Jerry Kelly

Streaming video of that production is available below in four segments.

The first segement is the opening sequence with some brief recollections of September 11, 2001 and the description of the building of the teardrop monument

The next segment is the interviews with several people who have purchased pavers and their thoughts on the people that they honor.

In the third segment Frank Perrucci and Jerry Kelly discuss the paver program and the meaning that it has for the participants.

In the final segment the participants describe the value of the park and the monument. Mayor Doria explains why the park and the monument belong to the City of Bayonne and not the Port Authority or the the Bayonne Local Redevelopment Authority.

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