Lucille Porter and Phil Webb, 2011

Chuck Singer contacted Ms. Porter after he read about her efforts in running charitable events in Jersey City. He invited her to appear on our show in October, 2010.

Ms. Porter accepted Chuck's invitation and brought along her friend, Phil Webb. Mr. Webb served for 30 years with the Jersey City Police Department and was once a candidate for Mayor of Jersey City.

Tony Maita, 2011

For the past few years Tony Maita has been operating a hotdog wagon in a parking lot at 12th St. and Avenue C.

We took some time to learn some of his secrets (the chili, the onions) and to hear from some of his friends (Chuck Wepner, Bruce Dillin, Ed "Ocean Eddie" Dyjeczynski). We hope his recipe book will be published.

The interview is shown below in three parts.

Part 1 has Tony giving Chuck Singer the secret to his pasta, he reviews a cookbook that he put together for his son Micky, shows the difference between his onions and Sabrett's, Chuck Wepner and Tony talk about Ocean Eddie, and Ocean Eddie reminisces about Tony from the 1950's to the present.

In part 2, Tony's helpers Jimmy and Mitch set up the stand, Tony talks about the chili and the wagon at the Mackenzie post, Bruce Dillon talks about Tony and his favorite lunch at Dominicks, Tony tells us how he came to have his picture taken with Ted Kennedy.

In Part 3 Tony makes Mike his two-dollar special,Chuck Wepner does an interview behind the camera, and talks about his bouncing days. Tony ends with his appreciation for his family.

Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith, 2011

Just prior to resigning from the U.S. Attorney's Office and running for Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie came up with a scam. He employed the services of an incredibly successful liar and thief and sent him to Hudson County to see how many public officials he could entrap.

After Christie left office his scam was continued under the watchfull eye of his hand-picked succesor, Ralph Marra. On July 23rd, 2009 Marra, along with several other Christie henchmen, staged a very public perp walk that included several people that they knew to be innocent. For that very political and completely shameful abuse of office Marra and the other corrupt agents were personally rewarded by Chrisite with paid positions in the New Jersey State Government.

L. Harvey Smith was one of those completely innocent people that Christie ordered rounded up and paraded in disgrace. It was not until December, 2010 that Mr. Smith was allowed his day in court. I sat in that courtroom and watched another shameful spectacle put on by the two Assistant U.S. Attorneys.

These two young ladies did their best to frame a man they knew to be innocent and that they knew should never have been charged.

In the end Mr. Smith was acquitted of every single accusation by a unanimous jury. It is unfortunate that he was forced to use up all of his life savings and other assets and put himself deeply in debt in the process of defending himself. The story of what Chris Christie did to L. Harvey Smith and others in pursuit of his personal vanity is a sad one. It makes you wonder what people such as Christie are trying to do to our America.

Mike Ransom

The Justice Integrity Project is investigating the prosecutorial misconduct of former U. S. Attorney Chris Christie and his handpicked co-conspirators. This grass-roots organization fights public corruption at all levels. Click on the underlined blue text to see a recent report.

The entire interview is available below in two parts via youtube clips.

St. Mary's Star of The Sea 150 Years, 2011

Announcing the occasion of St. Mary's Star of the Sea 150 Year Celebration Eleanor Tiefenwerth joined us on the studio.

Father Miller could not attend the scheduled taping because he was busy with the obligations of Holy Week. However, he did speak to us by an on-location rollin.

Bobby Rooney and Adeyinka Makinde, 2011

Bobby Rooney Jr. is the director of the boxing program for the Bayonne Police Athletic League and the coach of their highly successful Golden Gloves team.

Mr. Makinde is an author who has written books about Dick Tiger and Jersey City's Frankie DePaula. His latest book is
Jersey Boy
, The Life and Mob Slaying of Frankie DePaula.

These gentlemen had a discussion that showed us two very different sides of the sport of boxing.

That thirty-minute taping is below in three parts courtesy of youtube.

The fourth part never aired on Bayonne Cablevision. This is a special outtake for the readers of the Jedsey Journal.

Bayonne Winemaking, 2011

L to R. Rob Kaminski Rich Kaminski

There are three segments to this show. In the first couple of minutes Joe and John DiCesare describe the methods their grandfather used to make his wine.

Joe and John DiCesare

The next five minutes is a review of Joe DeMarco's modern winemaking process.

Joe DeMarco

The rest of the show follows Rich and Rob Kaminski and their family as they prepare their wine the same old-fashioned way that their grandfather taught them using his ancient manual press.

Via youtube the episode is linked below in two parts.

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