Bayonne BEOF, 2010

Eleanor Tiefenwerth, the Executive Director of the Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation, visited the show to tell us about that organization's 45 years of service to the citizens of Bayonne.

Below is a youtube clip that is a little longer than our normal preview. This four minutes of the interview is a good example of the interesting and informative half-hour conversation we had with Eleanor.

The organization held a celebration at The Chandelier Restaurant on October 10th, 2010.

Khalid Rivera, Who Do You Love, 2010

Khalid Rivera is an actor, a singer, a dancer, a writer, a producer, a manger, a publicist...

I'm pretty sure that the list goes on. Khalid is a talented and driven young man who chose to get into the entertainment business. On his most recent visit to the Mike and The Coach set he brought us a preview of his latest song in the techno genre called "Who Do You Love".

Click on the picture below to go to Khalid Rivera's promotional web site.

Third Ward Councilman Ray Greaves, 2010

Ray Greaves began his first term as Third Ward Councilman in July, 2010. He joined us recently for a wide-ranging discussion about the problems and issues as well as his plans and solutions.

Sheldon J. Clarke, 2010

Mr. Clarke is a film actor who has appeared in feature films as well as short internet streaming projects. You can see some of his work at the Internet Movie Database and at his own web site

The main topic of discussion for this show was the short film written, produced by, and starring Sheldon J. Clarke. The name "1003" is stated as Ten Oh Three, and it refers to the paperwork form that is generated at the time of a property loan. This is a half-hour thriller that has been submitted to some of the noted film festivals. We wish him luck.

Jersey City Cemetery, 2010

Mrs. Markenstein has a story to tell. When she discovered that the cemetery that held the remains of her family members had become abandoned and dilapidated, she took action. She was joined by a small group of dedicated individuals who shared her commitment.

To keep up with their work please visit .

Councilman Lore and Halecky, 2010

Vincent Lore and John Halecky each served on the Bayonne City Council for twenty consecutive years. They have each served in their respective wards and in the at large position. In addition, they have each held the position of City Council President. Councilman LoRe also has the distinction of serving the shortest term as Mayor of the City of Bayonne. He held that spot during the time that Mayor Doria resigned to take the position of Director of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. After serving as Acting Mayor for about one week, Mr. LoRe cast the deciding vote to bestow the position of Acting Mayor on the city's Financial Officer, Terrence Malloy.

In 2009 both of these gentlemen decided it was time to pass the torch to a new generation and they declined to run for reelection.

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