Laura Harris Veteran's Book, 2009

Laura has recently preserved over 3000 notices of the Bayonne men and women that joined the military service in World War II. She has compiled a two-volume book that is available at Unique Books in Bayonne on Broadway between 21st and 22nd Streets. Joining Laura on Mike and The Coach are two of Bayonne’s prominent and active military veterans, Frank Perrucci and Barry Dugan.

8th St. Station 2010

This is the first show to premier in 2010. It's about the new 8th Street Station.

Back in April of 2009, Courtney Carroll from the media department of the light rail project set me up with an interview.

I met with Joe North, Ty Dickerson and Don Blazina in Newark at their office by Penn Station.

Here is a clip from the beginning of the show.

New 8th St. Station with Tom Kaminski, 2010

In March, 2009, we met Tom Kaminski as he was videotaping the construction of the new 8th Street Station.

Tom well remembers the old 8th Street Station from the time when he was just a little kid.

He also remembers the ignoble end of that station and he took the time to document the ruins.

Tom was very happy to learn that the new light rail commuter train would include a stop at the site of the old 8th St. Station. After reading that the new structure was designed to resemble the old landmark, Tom made a point of videotaping some of the construction. We use a lot of Tom's video and narration in this installment.

Bayonne Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby, 2010

Bayonne Scout leaders Lawrence Butto and Albert Faccioli came to the studio to promote the Bayonne annual Pinewood Derby, one of the favorite among the Cub Scout events.

We also want to thank Mark Dobies, another Scout volunteer leader who contacted us with the news.

Oddly enough, when I submitted the show to Cablevision, I was contacted and accused of violating Public Access Policy.

The so-called violation is in this youtube clip. See if you can spot it.

Concerned Citizens of Bayonne 40th Anniversary, 2010

On April 17, 2010 the Concerned Citizens of Bayonne plan to celebrate 40 years of service to the community. For information about that event contact Jean Perrucci at 201-858-1623.

In the youtube clip below, President Dolores Kelly talks about the benefits of joining the Concerned Citizens of Bayonne.

Joe DeMarco sopressata, 2010

I edited this show this year, but most of it was originally recorded by Joe DiCesare in 1997. There is extensive detail of Joe DeMarco, Joe DiCesare and Ralph Guadagna stuffing and tying sopressata, stuffing and netting capocolo and brining the prosciutto.

Take a look at the youtube clip.

Bob Braun, 2010

We were visited by Bob Braun. Bob is a lawyer licensed to practice in New Jersey and a columnist for the Star Ledger Newspaper.

While covering the trial for the charges that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie brought against Leona Beldini, Mr. Braun made public some of the professional offenses that were undertaken by the federal agents who were working on Christie's behalf.

Through the release of unpublished court records, Mr. Braun established that Joe Doria never accepted any bribes. He also established that Christie's feds knew that Joe Doria never accepted any bribes and the Joe Doria was never even offered any bribes before they raided his offices and his home.

He showed that the raids that were executed by Christie's feds were for publicity rather than justice and were done to affect the outcome of Christie's campaign for governor of New Jersey.

The brief clip we show below shows that Christie knew that merely by making a charge he could accomplish a conviction despite the fact that his agents and prosecutors could show no crime.

Lou Manzo Press Conference, 2010

On March 15, 2010, Lou Manzo held a press conference in Jersey City. His intention was to announce the abuses of the United States Prosecutor's Office by Chris Christie and by those co-workers of Christie who supported him in the campaign for Governor of New Jersey.

This conference is shown in its entirety below in four parts.

Part 1 has the opening statements and presentation of a voluminous amount of documentation in the press kit. Lou summarizes the abuses of Candidate Chris Christie and his henchmen in the U.S. Attorney's office. Those abuses include the denial of due process, the specfic targeting of Democrats in Hudson County through Bid Rig III during Christie's campaign for governor, the acts of Ralph Marra, Christie's handpicked successor as acting U.S. Attorney (now working for Christie at the state), the acts of Michele Brown, with whom Christie had an improper personal and financial arrangement (now working for Christie at the state), the cynical raid on the home and office of a person they knew had commited no crime which was photographed by reporters who were invited to the scene by the feds beforehand....the list goes on

Part 2 begins with a video clip of Christie on the campaign trail bragging that many of the people still working at the U.S. Attorney's office were working to get him elected. He later paid those federal employees off with state jobs. The question and answer begins. Lou shows documentation that the group that is supposed to regulate behavior of federal investigators actually works to hide their transgressions. He talks about the prohibition against a cooperating witness (CW) from instigating a crime and Christie's CW's repeated violation of that prohibition. Manzo alludes to a matter that will later become a judicial decision which prevented Christie's enablers from improperly invoking the Hatch Act. Months later we will learn that some people who pleaded out should never have been charged. There is indication that the untimely death of Jack Shaw was a predictable result of the enhanced interrogation techniques used by Christie's feds in their attempt to elicit a false confession.

In Part 3 Lou mentions a tape he has related to his own case that shows that the feds knew that Doria did nothing wrong. They targeted him as a way to attack Governor Corizine during Christie's campaign for governor. It appears that the FBI agents were not duped by the US Attorney but were complicit in the scam. Part of the strategy was to use Dwek to perform the violations because he would not be a credible witness should he decide to inform on his handlers. In a close runoff contest in Hoboken, Christie fed enough money to a campaign to disenfranchise the voters and put a crook in office. The timing of the arrests was a political strategy pushed by the woman with whom Christie had an improper personal and financial relationship and who continued to work under him at the state. Lou talks about the way he views the date of July 23, 2009. He reports that Christie's pattern of abuse goes back as far as the previous election when he was considering a run against McGreevey.

Part 4 runs about one minute and recaps the reason for the press conference.

John Zmyslowski, 2010

John Zmyslowski is a member of the Bayonne Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America. He is also an official with the Bayonne Memorial Day Parade Committee.

We invited John to the studio to tell us about the upcoming events that the local veterans groups have planned to honor the memory of those who died fighting for America.

John was joined by Laura Harris. Ms. Harris has recently produced a two-part volume of press releases announcing several thousand of the young men and women from Bayonne who signed up to fight for America during World War 2. Her new mission is to reach out to those families whose veterans were not previously named. She is working on a third part to that volume.

Agnes Gillespie and Ray Greaves, 2010

The two candidates joined us in June, 2010 prior to the June 15 runoff election.
Mrs. Gillespie later succeeded in a contest against Thomas Cotter in the first ward.
Mr. Greaves went on to unseat the incumbent third ward Councilman, Mr. Gary LePelusa.

Agnes Gillespie
Ray Greaves

We questioned the candidates on their qualifications for public office. They both shared some personal history as well their record of public service. They explained what distinguished them from their opponents. They explained why no one should expect either one of them to be a so-called rubber stamp.

For those Bayonne voters who do not have access to Bayonne Cablevision stations we have added a video clip. This clip is longer than our usual promo pieces. It is presented courtesy of youtube. I think it runs a little over seven minutes. It is a condensed version of the first half of the show.

Salute To The Stars Of Opera, 2010

This event took place at Our Lady of Assumption Church in Bayonne on April 18, 2010.
The performers are pictured below

Soprano, Jong Mee Lee

Mezzo Soprano, Justyna DiBiaggio

Tenor, Brian Ernstes

Baritone, Hyong Sik Jo

Pianist, David Maiullo

The video clip is from Phantom of The Opera and features Jong Mee Lee and Hyong Sik Jo

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