Audacity of Hope Trek, 2009

Local Attorney Karin Morgen and her friend Mary Marshal were inspired by the Presidential Campaign of Barak Obama. Mary got the idea she and Karin and a couple of other friends should travel out to Colorado to see Obama accept the party nomination.
The upcoming show is about that trip to Denver and about their later decision to attend the inauguration.
They also created a website to memorialize the event.
Audacity of Hope

Chris Loft Part 2, 2009

Ed and Larry Bolger are two pigeon racing enthusiasts. They are among a handful that remain active in this sport in our immediate location. The racing of horses has been called "The Sport of Kings." These homing pigeons have been called "The Race Horses of The Sky".
The dedicated, innovative, and disciplined participants in this hobby have become kings in their own right.
In this installment, we see the race registration at the North Hudson Racing Pigeon Club.
We also get advice from Larry about to raise, train, and successfully race a competitive generation of feathered athletes.

Bayonne Columbus Committee, 2009

This show may best define the concept behind Public Access television. This installment was produced independently by Elizabeth Inserra, from the Bayonne Columbus Committee. Elizabeth used the skills of Sal Iannaci as the director for the project and Sal asked for the services of a number of former students from the Bayonne High School BEN-TV program.
Tony Campano, Co-Chairman of the Bayonne Columbus Day Parade asked us if we would show this production during our scheduled time slot. We happily agreed.
We needed a picture to use in the press release, so we lifted one from John Nadrowski's website. So far, I have not been able to reach John and ask for his permission, but I'm sure that we will be able to work something out.
This show is an example of the value of Public Access television.

Bayonne Cablevision, Channel 19

Debra Noble, 2009

Debra Noble is a candidate for the unexpired term of retired Councilman Anthony Chiappone. She is volunteer of long standing on the Bayonne Rent Control Board, and she is currently the elected President of that Board. She is also involved in community service in American Legion Post 19 and in the Bayonne Fire Canteen.

Debbie has an impressive professional record, a history of public service, and a unique insight into the issues that face the community of Bayonne.

When the City Council recently voted to provide a temporary replacement for the suddenly retired Chiappone, Ms. Noble supplied a resume. The video link below describes what happened to that resume. This streaming video is available courtesy of

You can get more information at her campaign's website.

Irene Kim Asbury, Esq., Republican Candidate for 31st District State Assembly, 2009

Ms. Asbury has a record of professional and personal accomplishment which should qualify her for the position of Assemblywoman for the 31st District.
Unfortunately, she is a Republican in Hudson County. As a result, she is likely to receive less votes than the incumbant, Assemblyman Anthony Chiappone.

Assemblyman Chiappone has proved to be unaccomplished in public office and a failure at his personal finances. He is currently under indictment.
Nevertheless, he is likely to pull more votes than Irene Kim Asbury, Esq. And that is a true shame.

In the youtube video below, Ms. Asbury talks about her plan to create desirable and sustainable private sector jobs in the 31st District.

You can get more information at her campaign website.

Matt Dorans, President, Bayonne Chamber of Commerce, 2009

Matt visited us to extoll the business advantages of membership in the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce.

He also described his efforts to make such membership easier and more affordable.

In the you tube video below, Matt describes the plans for a Chamber Website and an email contact.

Pastime Hobbies Slot Car Racing, 2009

Vinnie and Aida own and operate Pastime Hobbies and Miniatures at 615 Broadway in Bayonne. We did a show a couple of years ago about their models and trains and dollhouses.

This time we focused on their slot car racing.

The youtube video below was produced by one of the slot car enthusiasts.

Joe DeMarco Casa DeMarco Wine, 2009

Joe DeMarco and his friends produce home made wine and some specialty meats in Joe's garage.

And they have a good time. They showed us one day.

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