Bayonne PAL Youth Football, 2008

In January, 2009, we showed an interview with Andre Moore and Joseph Edwards from the Bayonne Pal Youth Football League. Mr. Moore, pictured below, is the President of that league and Mr. Edwards is the Vice-President. Both men are also coaches in the league.

We discussed the history of the league all the way back to the Pop Warner days. Our guests expressed appreciation for volunteers, sponsors, and parents, and especially for the assistance of the Bayonne Police Athletic League. Presently, this league is the only opportunity for the younger players to learn the basics of football and to compete with other teams. This league is hoping to encourage more support for that effort.

The pictures below are courtesy of Coach Sean Hill.

Dine Out For Mental Health, 2009

Jan Egan and Lisa Cerbone joined us to promote the Bayonne Community Mental Health Center.

Their upcoming event is the Dine Out For Mental Health Program. Watch for this every week in the month of March. The participating establishments will be The Big Apple, Chris's Corner, Buon Appetito, and San Vito's.

We got off the track a little to discuss which dishes from these participating restaurants are among our favorites.

Our Video Clip has Lisa Cerbone describing why the Bayonne Community Mental Health Center feels the need to advertise.

For more information contact Lisa by email at or call (201) 339-9200

Khalid Rivera, 2009

Khalid is an actor and a singer/songwriter. Ok, he's a dancer, too. Some viewers may recognize him from an award-winning Bayonne educational video.

When Khalid released his music video and CD he wanted to make sure that the Mike and The Coach audience was able to get a look.

Take a look at Khalid's web page.

Mike Miller, Shuttle Diplomacy, 2009

Mike Miller is an attorney and a novelist. He also runs a non-profit organization to advocate on behalf of abused children.

Mike joined us on the same night that Bayonne Cub Scout Pack 25 visited the set.

The latest Miller action-adventure novel to hit the bookstores is "Shuttle Diplomacy". You can see more about this book at this Amazon Page

Copies are currently available at Bayonne's Unique Books.

The show also featured a musical performer, Bridget Crisonino. You can view that performance in streaming video if you have a Windows Media Viewer.
Gimme Gimme

Bayonne Relay For Life, 2009

The 2009 Bayonne Relay For Life campaign is underway. Many members of our community are asking you to support this worthy cause.

In the coming weeks you will see the efforts of several local Relay for Life teams, and you will get several opportunities to join those teams as they make their contribution to the cause.
You can get more information at....
Bayonne Relay For Life

Bob Rooney Part 1, 2009

Bob Rooney had his own boxing career and then went on to train other Bayonne fighters, mostly through the Bayonne Police Athletic League.

In Part 1 we discuss some of that history. We also hear from other notable local fighters such as Chuck Wepner, Nino Gonazalez, Jimmy Anderson, and Lenny Lopez.

The streaming video below is from the opening of the first show.
Who Trained Rooney?

Bob Rooney Part 2, 2009

In this second part we look at Bob Rooney Sr. and his contribution over the years to the Bayonne PAL Boxing program.

We talk with Chuck Wepner, Mike "Nino" Gonazalez, Jimmy Anderson, and Lenny Lopez, Dwayne Wright, West Point Cadet Steven Escobar, Sal Alessi, Ronny Logan and Bobby Rooney, Jr.

The younger Rooney has taken over the Bayonne PAL Boxing program. He is also the current holder of the World Boxing Federation All-Americas Title in the Light-Heavyweight Division. We get to look at a clip of the bout that earned him that title from video provided by Mark Bottino.

Bayonne VFW Post 226, 2009

This installment features the Glen Flora and Joseph Kennedy, Commander and Senior Vice Commander of Bayonne's Joyce Herbert VFW Post number 226.

This club includes members from every foreign American engagement from World War II up until today. Current military Armed Services men and women are eligible to be active members. The organization exists to serve the needs of its members, and to facilitate those members in their further service to the Community of Bayonne.

One of the more apparent services of the organization is the Veterans Museum on West 9th Street in Bayonne. John Nadrowski, club supporter, maintains a webpage with pictures from that museum.
226 Museum

Laura Harris World War II Bayonne Recruits

Laura Harris is local historian and a member of The American Legion Post 19 in Bayonne. She has put together a remarkable presentation of many of the young Bayonne men and women who answered the call to military duty during World War II.

Ronnie Meadows and Monique Snow, 2009

Mr. Meadows and Mrs. Snow are the two people that had the courage to stand up to Jeremiah Healy. Mayor Healy is the local political boss who corrupted the Hudson County Democratic Organization in the furtherance of his personal political ambition.

Mr. Meadows and Mrs. Snow competed against the handpicked cronies of Mayor Healy in the race for the 31st District Democratic Assembly nomination. They ran off the organization line. They were given very little support by the apathetic voters of the 31st district who stayed home in droves.

During this interview, Mike Ransom frankly admitted to these two candidates that they had no real chance to succeed in this primary. We knew it was important to introduce them to the public, though. It is a common and reasonable belief that incumbent Assemblyman Chiappone will be unable to serve another term due to his criminal activity.

When it comes time for the committee to seat a new person to replace Mr. Chiappone, consideration should certainly be given to the brave folks who stepped up to try to give the voters a real choice. Hopefully, the influence of Mr. Healy will be much diminished by that time.

Chris Loft, 2009

Larry Bolger is pictured here with his wife, Donna. Mr. Bolger has bred, raised and raced pigeons in Bayonne for probably fifty years.

In this first of two parts, Mr. Bolger shows us the work that goes into the breeding, care, and training of these world class atheletes.

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