Chessmaster Joe Lux, 2008

Mr. Lux joined us at the studio in May, 2008 to tell us about some chess opportunities in the Bayonne School System, the Bayonne Parks Department, and at a private business in Bayonne.

We also met on location at the Board Game King on Broadway between 33rd and 34th Streets. We discussed the sport with a couple high school chess players.
Mr. Lux has arranged to have a Chess Night every Tuesday night at the Board Game King
In our video clip, Mr. Lux explains how a person earns the title of Chessmaster.


Bayonne Democratic Chair, Jason O'Donnell, 2008

Jason O'Donnell believes that the best way to bring political power back to the people is to have an active, partisan committee that reaches out consistently at the neighborhood level.

He visited us in the studio just a couple days before the June 3, 2008 primary election.
In our video clip, the Chairman talks about the value of the neighborhood committeeperson.


Will Lawson and Cliff Doll, 2008

Mr. Lawson is the President of the Bayonne Board of Education and Mr. Doll is the Business Administrator for the School District.

These gentlemen gave us some insight as to the workings of the Board of Ed and helped me to clear up some of my mistaken assumptions.
In our video clip, the Board President discusses one advantage of having an appointed board as opposed to an elected one.

Projects and Funding

Bayonne Parks and Recreation, 2008

We were joined by Gary Chmielewski, new Director of the Bayonne Department of Public Works, Parks and Recreation, and by Pete Amadeo, a Parks and Recreation Supervisor.

I wanted to ask questions related to spending cuts and downsizing. Chuck and the visitors preferred to focus on the delivery of services to the residents of Bayonne.
In our first video clip, Mr. Amadeo speaks about the Parks and Recreation Website and about the current competitive athletic activities.

Bayonne Sports

I've added a second video clip that deals with the problem of vandalism. I've used the storage services of youtube for that somewhat longer clip.


Bayonne Boy Scout History, 2008

In preparation for a historical anniversary for the Boy Scouts of America, three gentlemen made a presentation. Mr. Lee Fahley, Mr. Jack Vida and Mr. Greg Boyle are interested in presenting some of the history of the Boy Scouts of Bayonne New Jersey

In our video clip, Mr. Fahley tells us about a meeting that he wants to set up and preserve for posterity.

Bayonne Scouts

Mr. Boyle brought along many pictures. I'll share a few of them here.

Mark Smith Mayoral Campaign, Bayonne, NJ, 2008

We attended the opening of Mr. Smith's Campaign Headquarters. In subsequent days, we recorded statements from the Candidate, some of his campaign volunteers, and some of his supporters.

The brief video clip, is a few seconds from the beginning of Mr. Smith's welcoming speech.

Mark Smith

Public Insurance Adjuster, 2008

Armando Casillas and Gloria Argul from Casillas & Associates, LLC were our guests. They explained to us the role of a Public Insurance Adjuster. The people in this profession are hired to look out for the interests of the insured when they need to file a claim to recover from a loss.

The following video clip, describes the value of recent regulation in the Public Insurance Adjuster Industry.


Councilman Steve Fulop Reforms, 2008

Councilman Fulop provided petitions for government reform to the City Clerk of Jersey City. Mr. Fulop complied with all of the requirements that the Jersey City City Clerk told him would be necessary.
After fulfilling those requirements, the City Clerk of Jersey City informed Counclman Fulop that the Mayor Healy administration had determined that a different standard would apply.
The Jersey City City Clerk determined that the safest thing for him to do would be to go along and get along with the Healy Administration.

2011 Update

The entire interview is now available in four parts below.

Part 1 is the show opening. We thank the crew and the guest and Chuck does a shout-out.

Part 2 describes a frequent fraudulent business practice by the operators of an infrequent publication. It also describes the Healy administration's complicity in that fraudulent scheme.

Part 3 describes the lengths to which the Healy administration will go to prevent adopting beneficial government reforms.

Part 4 is the closing credits with a parting remark about the corrupt use of power by Mayor Healy and Senator Cunningham.

Robert F. Sloan for Mayor, 2008

Long-time Bayonne City Clerk Robert F. Sloan is a candidate to fill the unexpired term of Mayor Joseph Doria.
Mr. Sloan's campaign slogan is "Honesty, Integrity, Experience and we do not believe that there are many that will disagree with that description.

The following video clip, is about a minute long. Mr. Sloan describes his campaign. Click on the image of Mr. Sloan to view that clip.

Mark Smith for Mayor, 2008

Bayonne's current Police Director is a candidate for Mayor.
Mr. Smith brought an outline of his plans for his administration.

We discussed government and policy, but also took the opportunity to discuss politics.

In the video clip Mr. Smith explains that a successful Mayor needs to be able to cooperate with others.

Richard Rutkowski for Mayor, 2008

Former Mayor Richard A. Rutkowski is now running to fill the unexpired term of Mayor Joseph V. Doria Jr.

Mayor Rutkowski is the only candidate that has served previously as Mayor of Bayonne and he shared with us why experience is important.

The clip below is actually the entire interview.

The Rutkowski Interview

Janice Hall, President of the Rotary Club of Bayonne, 2008

Janice Hall is a business professional in Bayonne. She is also the 2008 President of the Rotary Club of Bayonne. In this memorable Bayonne election of 2008 Ms. Hall put together a political debate among all five candiates. The debate was presented before a live audience of over 300 citizens. In addition, it was presented to a wider audience through several airings on Bayonne Public Access Cablevision.

The clip below features President Hall inviting more Bayonne citizens to become involved in this organization of local leaders. Just click on the image of Janice to view the clip.

Bayonne Historical Society, Part 1, 2008

On September 15, 2008, the Bayonne Historical Society marked the 50th Anniversary of the CNJ Train Bridge Disaster with a day long event.

In this first part of a series, we show brief segments of that event. In addition, Mr. Gerry Nowicki announces a professional video presentation that recorded the activities that day and that is available through the Historical Society.

The following video clip is an excerpt from Part 1 of the series. Just click on the image below to view that video.

This clip is also available on YouTube

For more information, you can visit the web site of the Bayonne Historical Society.

Lou Manzo, Public Advocate, 2008

On November 18, 2008 Lou Manzo announced that he was a candidate for Mayor of Jersey City on the Mike and The Coach Show.

However, the purpose of the interview was to review Mr. Manzo's efforts to see that the New Jersey Law is followed properly regarding the mandated procedure for the potential Forfeiture of Public Office.

The information that Mr. Manzo uncovered strongly indicates that Jersey City Mayor Healy abused his elected position during his arrest in Bradley Beach in 2006. In addition, it appears that the abuse by public officials involved in this case extended beyond the office of one belligerent Jersey City Mayor, and beyond the geographical limits of Hudson County.

The following video clip only touches on the wealth of information that was uncovered through Mr. Manzo's efforts. While we appreciate the fact that Mr. Manzo was willing to take up this cause, we also find it unfortunate that the corruption has spread so far through the system that he was required to do so.
The clip below features the entire 30-minute interview. It will require a Windows Media Viewer.

Click on the image below to view this Windows Media File.

This installment is also available on in three parts.

Part 1 The first 3.5 minutes are about the Manzo Public Advocacy office. Then on to why JC Mayor Healy should forfeit his office. 2006 arrest in Bradley Beach, Dana Rone case similar, Prosecutor DeFazio tries to excuse Mayor Healy.

Part 2 Manzo receives Grand Jury Testimony about Mayor Healy’s threats. Manzo tries to excuse DeFazio. We sum up three different excuses the Healy people tried to use. 1. Didn’t invoke office (false) 2. Had no power in Monmouth County (false) 3. Manzo has no standing (On Appeal) Characters, Police Chief Guida, Officer Browning, Prosecutor Luis Valentin, Asst Prosecutor Mary Juliano. Arresting Officer was betrayed by actions of County Prosecutor

Part 3 Problem goes beyond one corrupt Jersey City Mayor. The civil judge that dismissed the charges Healy made against the arresting officer determined that Healy’s threats were of public interest. Healy appealed and second judge agreed with the first. Monmouth County Prosecutor “developed amnesia” during Healy’s criminal trial. Manzo excuses Judge Colanino for not knowing forfeiture law. Was Chief Guida involved? Monmouth County cops now know that Healy has influence in their county. Manzo tries to excuse Judge Lawson. Manzo is a candidate for Mayor of Jersey City

Bayonne Train Bridge Disaster 1958 Part 2

In 2008 we interviewed three men with specific knowledge of the CNJ Train Bridge disaster of 1958.

Lee Fahley researched the route and the schedule of the train on the day of the accident.

Greg Boyle gave us some lessons in both history and geology. He explained the factors that made that train route necessary. He then explained the factors that years later called for the removal of that same train route.

Scotty Coons relayed the memories of a 14-year-old self-described bay-rat who happened to be out that day skulling off of Robbin's Reef Yacht Club. The emergency blast of an outbound dredge called his attention to a monumental event.

Mr. Boyle then returned to present the rescue and recovery efforts by the various offical agencies as well as those of citizen volunteers.

Through the resources provided by we are able to offer a streaming video version of this production in three parts.

2002, The First Year

The Christmas Extravaganza (2002)

2003 Part 1

Valentine's Day 2003

2003 Part 2

2004 Part 1

2004 Part 2

2005 Part 1

2005 Part 2

2006 Part 1

2006 Part 2

2007 Part 1

2007 Part 2

2008 Part 1

2009 Part 1

2009 Part 2

2010 Part 1

2010 Part 2

2011 Part 1

2011 Part 2

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