Steve Gallo, 2008

Steve Gallo is a politically active community member as well as the Scoutmaster for Troop 35. He is also currently serving in the capacity as the Executive Director of the Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA).
The independent MUA is a commission that was formed back in the 1990's and is the operator of the water supply and sewer system that services the community of Bayonne.
Mr. Gallo joined us for a discussion that ranged from government bonding to the procedures for capturing "solids and floatables".

Our brief video clip has Mr. Gallo commenting on the requirements of the Clean Water Act.

Click Here for Video Clip

Leonard R. Kantor, 2008

Mr. Kantor is a member of the loyal oppposition. He is an advocate for the City of Bayonne as well as a critic of most of the officials that the Bayonne citizens elect to public office.
We know that Mr. Kantor has put in a lot of time and effort into his research and into his attendance at public meetings . We believe that his ideas and conclusions deserve a fair hearing.
We felt complimented by the fact that he agreed to appear on our program where he shared his vision and his ideas.

Our brief video clip has Mr. Kantor recounting a campaign promise that he made when he last ran for the office of Mayor.

Click Here for Video Clip

Alan Wyles and Rick Pasquale, 2008

Two local entertainers joined us in February. Though the fame of Mr. Wyles and Mr. Pasquale has extended far and wide, they both are interested in giving back to Bayonne.
Below you see them share a light moment with the crew of Mike and The Coach.

The clip we chose is a moment where Alan decides to speak his mind about Rick.

Click Here for Video Clip

Yogi Jigi, 2008

Jigisha (Jigi) Thakor spent time telling us of the value of the art of Yoga for relaxation, strength, and healing.

Jigisha also gave us a sort of preview of the class instruction.


Bayonne Public Advocate, 2008

Neil Barton is a frequent and public critic of the elected officials of Bayonne and of those persons that volunteer to serve on the various boards and commissions.

At the same time, Mr. Barton is a resident, a homeowner and a payer of property taxes in Bayonne. He has expended his own time, efforts, and finances to maintain a website to provide information to interested citizens and taxpayers.
You can visit his public website Bayonne Public Advocate Update. In the last months of 2009, Mr. Barton seemed to tire of promoting himself as the Bayonne Public Advocate. During those months his web page lacked any activity. Early in 2010 he quietly pulled the plug.

In the half-hour provided, Mike and The Coach gave Mr. Barton the opportunity to speak his mind and I believe that he used that opportunity as best he could. Take a look at the clip.


Assemblyman Chiappone and The Missing Paycheck, 2008

In October of 2004 a legislative aide to Assemblyman Chiappone found that he was missing a paycheck.
In April of 2005, the Bayonne Police discovered that the missing paycheck had been deposited into Assemblyman Chiapponeís personal checking account.
Mike Ransom filed an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request to get the details of the investigation into that misplaced paycheck.
In this presentation, he compared the official investigation reports from the Bayonne Police Department and the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice to the public statements made by Assemblyman Chiappone when the news of the missing paycheck became public.
Mr. Ransom is also offering a method for interested parties to get a copy of the Digital Video Disk (DVD) presentation and the Compact Disk (CD) that has the source material for that presentation.

You can see some of the results of the OPRA Request at this link
Source Material Updated February 28, 2010

The above link will be updated, periodically.

If you are interested in getting a copy of the DVD of the Broadcast and a CD with the source documents, send an email request to person authorized to provide you with those materials. This is his email address.

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