Laurie Coles and Laura DePinto, 2007
We called Laurie Coles and asked her if she wanted to join us and discuss her opposition to the Bayonne Public School Uniform Policy.
She agreed to appear on the show and she brought with her Laura DePinto, another activist on the Uniform Policy issue.

They both pointed out that they, as well as other members of their group, are concerned about a number of Bayonne Public School issues, not just school uniforms.

As usual, we used up all the time before we got too far into the topic.

In the streaming clip below Mrs. Coles reports on the night of the Uniform Policy Hearing.

Uniform Policy Hearing

The group has an online presence at The Bayonne Concerned Parents Meetup Group.

Registration is required.

Bayonne Relay For Life, 2007
To announce the preparations for this year's Bayonne Relay For Life event, we had Co-Chairs Sharon Buccafusco and Liz Long.

They shared highlights from the first-ever Bayonne Relay For Life Event which was held in June of 2006. They also put out the call to all of our listeners to get involved and to join us in the fight against cancer in 2007.

In the streaming clip below Sharon honors the 2006 Survivor Chair.

Kathy McNulty

Kathy will serve in that post once again in 2007.

To join us, or to get more information about the 2007 Bayonne Relay For Life event, visit Bayonne Relay For Life.

Bayonne Relay For Life Kickoff, 2007
On February 6 we went to the Masonic Temple for the 2007 Relay For Life Kickoff.

The event is used to recruit members and Team Captains and to prepare everyone for the next few months of fundraising leading up to the main event in June.

In the streaming clip below Liz Long recaps some of the 2006 highlights.

Liz Long

To join us, or to get more information about the 2007 Bayonne Relay For Life event, visit Bayonne Relay For Life.

Bayonne Jewish Community Center, Chai Cafe, 2007
The Bayonne Jewish Community Center hosts a low-cost lunch program for senior citizens. They often schedule learning experiences with the meal.

Liz Klapman from the Jewish Family Service Center invited us to one of those events.

Chris Burkhardt from BAMA Galleries presented a lecture on the history of spontaneity in art from the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, to the time of Dwight D. (Ike) Eisenhower.

In our streaming clip, Mr. Burkhardt takes a look at some recent work by the Art Class at the Bayonne Jewish Community Center.

Still Life

To find out more about the Chai Cafe, contact (201) 604-9991 Ext. 10

Bayonne Sub Vets, 2007
Our two special guests were Pat Boyle and Phil Connelly, and the subject of discussion was their military service in the early 1970's.

Pat and Phil made the decision at 17 years of age to join the Navy and volunteer to serve in the Nuclear Submarine Fleet.

About 35 years later, they reflect back on that service. The show ended too soon.
The shot below shows Pat Boyle and Mike Ransom at a crew reunion in Cape Canaveral in 2006.

In our streaming clip, Phil tells us how he and Pat came to be selected as Nuclear Power Electronics Technicians.


Bayonne City Clerk, Robert Sloan, 2007
Our special guest was Bob Sloan, current Bayonne City Clerk.

In addition we were honored by the presence of a special guest host, former City Council President Joseph Makowski.

There have been very few City Council Presidents in the history of the City of Bayonne. The Dorothy Harrington City Council Chambers features the portraits of those City Council Presidents.

Likewise, there have been very few City Clerks in the history of the City of Bayonne. It might be nice to find a public place to display their portraits.

That was just a thought.

Our guest host did an excellent job. We will see more of his work soon.

Mr. Sloan gave us some rare insights.
In our streaming clip, Mr. Sloan tells us why Mrs. Sloan won't even watch the City Council meetings.


Mike O'Connor, Scattered Site Re-Development Plan, 2007

Our guest was Mike O'Connor, the Executive Director for the Bayonne Economic Development Corporation.

Once, again, Council President Makowski appeared in the role of guest host.

Mr. O'Connor explained to us the unique approach Bayonne has taken to encourage beneficial development of the underused properties around town.
In our streaming clip, Mr. Makowski asks Mike what encouragment is offered for the property owners and developers.


Ronald McDonald at St.Andrew School, 2007

St. Andrew School helped collect over one million aluminumn can tabs to support the families who need the Ronald McDonald House.

Ronald McDonald came by the school to thank the students, the staff, and the faculty.

Mr. McDonald used the opportunity to teach the students a lesson about character.
Look at our clip and try to heed the words of Ronald.

Don't Forget

Nicholas Chiaravalloti For Assembly

Nicholas Chiaravalloti, Candidate for the Office of State Assembly in the 31st District spent time with us in April. He gave us information on his personal background, education, and professional experience.

He also told us why he is running for office, why he chose to join the Lou Manzo Slate and what he hopes to accomplish for the residents of Bayonne and Jersey City in the 31st Legislative District.

Look at our clip to see how much Nicholas has already done for the Bayonne taxpayers.

MOT Transfer

Nicholas Chiaravalloti with Louis Manzo

We hosted Assemblyman and Senate Candidate Lou Manzo, along with Nicholas Chiaravolloti in April of 2007.

They both shared some facts about their records to date and of their plans for the future of the 31st District

Below is a clip where Assemblyman Manzo talks about the most effective way to lower property taxes.

Change the funding

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