Historic BFD Training

We were able to borrow some 16mm films from the Bayonne Fire Department Training School visual aids department. That was thanks to Fire Captain Robert Kleczynski and Fire Director Patrick Boyle.

Sal Ianacci and Cali Macchia from the Bayonne Board of Ed and BEN-TV got those films converted to videotape so we could air them.

We start with a complete training tape for industrial fire brigades produced at the Bayway Plant in Linden, NJ around 1960. This was back when Exxon was still Esso.

Then we used segments from an amateur film of the Bayonne Fire Department Recruit Training Class of 1943. Pete Gwiasdowski, retired Fire Captain and former Training Officer looked into his private archives and provided the year.

The movie clip for this episode shows a 1940's evolution to bring a handline up to the top of a building via the fire escape.

Hose Advance

Pete Gwiasdowski also told us that the Bayonne Fire Department will celebrate its 100th anniversary in September of 2006.

2006 Mayoral Runoff

For this show we visited Mayor Doria at the campaign headquarters and had a 29 minute conversation.
Chuckie focused on Joe Doria's eight year record of accomplishments as Mayor and on his plans for the future.
I was more interested in finding out how Mayor Doria planned to bring in enough voters to get through this runoff.
As we've stated previously, we are both vocal supporters of this Mayor.

The clip we provided sums up the runoff issues of 2006.

Bayonne's position

Companion Animal Rescue and Education of Bayonne

In May we interviewed two of the volunteers from an organization that rescues stray animals and finds those pets suitable homes.

Our guests were Pam Lindquist and Dolores Szemple.

You can find out more inforation about the organization by calling (201) 436-6592

Or you can visit their web site www.carenj.com.

I sent the tape to Cablevision before I could create pictures or a net clip. We'll fix that later.

Liquid Confession

In June Mike and The Coach interviewed Matt Brancatella and Karalynn Morelli from the local musical entertainment duo known as Liquid Confession.

We took a couple of pictures that night. Below we have most of the regulars from the Mike and The Coach crew as well as a shot of Chuckie and Mike with our guests.

Our video clip for this show features Karalynn and Matt talking about their first meeting.

Chiappone Sign-Stealing Investigation

In July we did a show that looked into the charges against Councilman Chiappone for stealing opposition campaign signs on June 12, 2006, the day before a runoff election.

Our source of information was a police department memo. This memo documented the report of two credible witnesses that stated that they saw Councilman Anthony Chiappone stealing campaign signs the day before a runoff election.

In response to the charges Chiappone and his lawyer denied that Chiappone was in the area. They declared that he never took any signs. Chiappone went so far as to make up a story about an unnamed "sign crew" that was frightened away by police surrounding his van.
The lawyer told the television news that the investigation and charge was an abuse of power by the Office of The Mayor and that the impounding of Chiappone's vehicle was the result of an illegal search.

Supporters of the accused attacked the reputations of the witnesses and declared that the entire police and court matter was a waste of the taxpayers' money.

Councilman Chiappone criticized the local court, stating that he would not get a fair hearing in Bayonne. His lawyer requested, and recieved, a change of venue. After a few days the case was assigned to the New Jersey Superior Court.

On Tuesday, August 1, 2006. Chiappone and his lawyer appeared in the courtroom agreeing to a stipulation. After several weeks of trying to sell the public on one story (lying, in other words) they agreed in open court to a new story.
The highlights of that stipulation are.
1. Chiappone was at the scene as was reported six weeks earlier by reliable witnesses and denied six weeks earlier by Chiappone.
2. Chiappone did remove a sign from the gate as reported by reliable witnesses six weeks earlier and denied by Chiappone six weeks earlier.
3. The police were justified in the actions that they took based on the reports of those reliable witnesses. This stipulation was in contrast to his lawyer's false reports of police and government abuse.

With those concessions, the Councilman, who by now was a proven liar, was allowed to claim that he took one sign by accident. The stipulation required Chiappone to make a public apology. After he did so, the charge was dismissed.

It seems to me that if there were any waste of taxpayer money, it was the result of Chiappone taking the signs, fleeing police, telling public lies for six weeks, and delaying the hearing with frivolous, litigious tactics.

There is another interesting side bit that was reported in the internal police memo. On the day that Chiappone fled from police, he apparently sent his poor wife down to the police station to try to retrieve the family van that contained the stolen signs. The police were required to impound that van and could not release it to Mrs. Chiappone, but they did let the missus take her husband's sports jacket back to him.

I can only guess that the Councilman did some careful peering through the blinds to make sure that his poor wife didn't have tail before he let her in the house when she returned with his abandoned clothing.

The show that we did ran for a half hour. Fortunately for us someone took our half-hour show and cut it down to a 5 minute highlight. In my humble opinion, the show was actually improved in the shortening. This person, who I suppose is a fan of the show, put the clip up on youtube.com. The link is below.

youtube clip

On July 28, 2006, Ron Leir, the Jersey Journal reporter, did a story about the show.

Ron asked us for some still shots to go with the article. We made six for him. He chose from among those shots. As an added bonus, we are providing the six still shots that we sent to Ron.

Feel free to download and print these if you want to use them for something like some kind of greeting card or something.

Al Sullivan, 2006

Al Sullivan is a busy beat reporter for the Hudson Reporter group of papers. Included in that group is the Bayonne Community News.

While Al was doing a story on us, we did a show with him. We had a brief window of opportunity, because this busy reporter had to get out to a crowded school board meeting dealing with the controversial issue of school uniforms.

Below is a picture of Al with the Mike and The Coach crew. This was in August of 2006.

Bayonne Fire Department, 100 years
Firefighter Don Haiber and Fire Director Pat Boyle, joined us to announce the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Bayonne Fire Department. The anniversary date was September 3, 2006.

Tom Wojslawowocz, 2006

We spent an August morning at the G. Thomas DiDomenico 16th St. Municipal Pool with Tom, his coaches and the swimmers on the Bayonne Clippers swim team

That summer municipal swim league team has taken home the cross-county championship for six years in a row.

Tom wants us to know that swimming in Bayonne is not just a summertime treat.

He gives you all the information about the pools in Bayonne that are available to all residents year-round, whether you are an Olympic hopeful or a person who finds that submersion helps you move those old joints around.

Mike Lynch, 2006

In September we had Mike Lynch on the show. He's an educator at Mary J. Donahoe, a promoter of youth sports in Bayonne, (everything from volleyball to chess), and he is my old basketball coach from St. Mary's, 1968, back when he was too young to be a teacher.

Our roll-in for the show features the Bayonne Park in 1950 (Now Stephen Gregg Park) and the Holy Name Parade from that same year. This was courtesy of the Cassidy Family home movies shot in 8mm film.
Note: We are still looking for folks to offer us other old home movie footage to share with the rest of the community.

Chuckie showed off his new school uniform, and my old coach shows that he remembers my rebounding style.

Mr. Lynch gave a rundown of 37 years of the history of youth sports in Bayonne. He started with the old CYO league and brought us up to the present, where the public sports programs available include all the kids who want to participate, not just those attending public school.
This week's clip describes the development of the Girls' Basketball program.
Scudder League
We ran out of time before we could cover everything.

Judge Conaghan, 2006, Part 1

Shortly after the runoff election in June, we asked Judge Conaghan if he would be a guest on our show. He agreed, but asked us to come back again in September.

It was a good idea to allow some time to pass after a greuling campaign season.

One of the unofficial charges raised during that race was a claim that the Judge doesn't really live in Bayonne. At our request, Judge Conaghan gave us a tour of his well-appointed apartment. We used that for the roll-in.
Our video clip features Judge Conaghan recalling some personal history.

College and Law School
We were not nearly finished what we wanted to cover when the half-hour ended, so the Judge agreed to stay with us for a second show. This first ran for the first two weeks in October. It was followed by two weeks of Part 2.

Judge Conaghan, 2006, Part 2

In September, 2006, Judge Conaghan came to the studio to do one show and stayed to do two.

Some folks might think that Part 1 was just a warm-up and Part 2 is where the Judge got down to it.

Our video clip for Part 2 features Judge Conaghan telling us where he differs from Mayor Doria.

Austerity Plan

Assemblyman Manzo, 2006 Part 1

On October 12, 2006, Assemblyman Lou Manzo came to the studio and sat down with Mike and The Coach. We talked for an hour and made that conversation into two 30-minute shows.

Our guest Director, by special permission from Cablevision, was Jim Burton.

A successful Assemblyman will rely on efficient and effective staff personnel. We introduced two members of Lou Manzo's staff, Barbara Stamato and Patricia Lynch with our roll-in.

Then Assemblyman Manzo joined us and we started talking about government.

Our video clip for Part 1 shows Assemblyman Manzo's idea for putting old money to a new use.

Brownfield Cleanup

For Part2, Assemblyman Manzo presented a new idea for senior health care using existing funding.

Medicade Dollars

Hudson Hospice Volunteers, 2006

In October, 2006, Sister Carol Van Billiard made some time for us.

Sister Carol is the Coordinator of the Hudson County Hospice Volunteer program. She told us a little about the program and about the training for the volunteers.

Chuckie had a scheduling conflict so we were lucky to have Al Sullivan fill in for us. Al is a local reporter who provides most of the reporting for the Bayonne Community News.

In addition to helping to host this show, Al did a report in the November 22nd edition of the Bayonne Community News about Sister Carol and the Hudson Hospice Volunteers.

Our video clip has Sister Carol Van Billiard describing the training and the service that a Hospice Volunteer can expect.
For more information, please call (201) 433-6225.

Volunteer Training

Bayonne Food Pantries, 2006

In November we did a show with Joann Dost from the Windmill Alliance and Bob Mittenzwei from the St. Andrews Parish Food Pantry.

They told us how people can get help and how people can give help.

Our video clip has Joann giving us the simple message.

Always Need Food Donations

Ron Leir, Jersey Journal Reporter, 2006

In December, 2006 Ron Leir came to see us. By sheer scheduling chance, he became our Christmas offering.

We talked about his journalistic history, about the future of journalism, and about his script for a stage play.

The video clip is a brief comment about journalistic integrity.

Don't print rumors

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