Sal Ianacci

Sal Ianacci, most noted for his work at the Bayonne Educational Network (BEN-TV), came to visit us in November.
He was not only the talent, but part of the crew. He also brought his own roll-in. How is that for a guest?

The roll-in alone made the show worth watching. It is a two-minute piece created and produced by two Bayonne High School students with some help from their friends. It is a brief how-to on some of elements of modern skateboarding. If you need a good slow motion look and description of an Ollie, a Fakey or a Grind, this is where you'll see it.
You'll find a few seconds of our interview here. Again, for those of you with dial up, be warned. The file size is around a half a meg.

Your Worst Nightmare

On December 9th, 2005 the Advocates for Bayonne Children (ABC) held a premiere viewing for a video production of Your Worst Nightmare.
The stars of the night were Agnes Gillespe, Joann Dost, and Nina Dobkin.
They came up with the story idea and set out to get funding for the production.

Some of the stars of the video were on hand, such as Melissa Mary Ganas, Khalid Rivera, and John Andrisano

Our clip for this show features a few seconds of Capt. Ryan, from the Bayonne Police Dept. Charlie tells us why he thinks the video will achieve its goal. Those of you with dial-up will have to exercise some patience waiting for the 490k file to download.

Flag Day, IMTT Graves, Singing at the Senior Center

In late January we combined sections of three different events to make one show.
We start with the Flag Day Ceremony at 16th St. Park, sponsored by the Bayonne Order of The Elks and hosted by the Exalted Ruler Lydia Mackintosh. We taped it on Flag Day, June 14, 2004, but this is the first time we've aired it.

Then we skip to May of 2005 to meet up with the twelve Bayonne Veterans Associations who gathered at the Catholic War Vets on W. 23rd St. From there they traveled to the Cemetery at IMTT for the traditional decoration of the graves.

Finally we present a performance from December, 2005. The Kindergarten Classes from Wilson School sang Christmas Carols and other Holiday Songs for the members of the 56th St. Senior Center.
This event has also become a tradition started by Ms. Maryjane Desmond about four years ago when she was on the City Council.

Pictured below are Bayonne Fire Chief Sheren (Retired) and the 2004 Exalted Ruler of the Bayonne Order of the Elks, Lydia Mackintosh.

Our video clip features a young man whose name escapes me. The members of the Memorial Day Parade Committee should know him well, though. Someone tell me his name and I'll put it up here.

Neil DeSena

In early February we were fortunate enough to host the Honorable Neil DeSena who is currently an Aide to Mayor Doria.
Mr. DeSena holds the record as the longest serving Councilman in Bayonne's history having held that elective office for 20 years.
We get a bit of a history lesson as the former Council President discusses his political and government involvement back in the days of the Commission form of local government.
He then brings us up to date with the advent of the Mayor and Council form of government that began in Bayonne in the early 1960's.
Mr. DeSena served with the first three Mayors under that new system, Mayor Francis Fitzpatrick, Mayor Dennis Collins and Mayor Richard Rutkowski.

The streaming video clip is a few seconds of Mr. DeSena telling us about his entry into local politics.
Windows Media File

Councilman John Halecky, 2006

We were fortunate enough to have Councilman Halecky introduced by a Bayonne Cablevision pioneer, Mrs. Lillian Carine. We had on hand a two-minute segment from Lillian's renowned 60-Plus Show which was so popular in the 1990's.

In addition, Mr. Halecky shared with us some photo's from past campaigns and announced his intention to run for a fifth term.

As we look back at this show we can see that we were making some predictions. Some of those predictions were accurate. Others, not so much.

Because this program has aired previously I have made it available in its entirety in streaming video below in four parts

Bayonne Relay for Life

This show featured a guest co-host, Tony Palmiero, and a special 1959 film clip from Steve Kachmarsky.

Our special guests were two Team Captains from the Bayonne Relay For Life. Sharon Buccafusco is the Captain of Bucky's Striders, and Carol Christie heads up Team Christie.

They tell us about a major event at the Don Ahearn Veterans Stadium that will run from June 16 to June 17, 2006. We have a brief clip where Sharon explains the motivation behind the Relay For Life event. Just click on the link below.

Just One Day

You can get more information on the Bayonne event if you follow this link to the Bayonne Relay For Life website. You will be given the opportunity to make a donation to a team member or to join a team.

Jewish Family and Counseling Service

Our friend Nina Dobkin suggested this show. We visited the Bayonne Jewish Community Center on Kennedy Boulevard at 44th St. and spoke to two men involved with community service.

Sandor G. "Sandy" Haft is the Executive Director of the Bayonne Jewish Community Center. He guided us around the facility, describing the programs available for, and enjoyed by, all age groups from toddlers to some of our most senior citizens.

Meanwhile Reuben D. Rotman, the Executive Director of Jewish Family Service of MetroWest explained the programs run by his organization on a more regional basis.

Click on this link for a brief streaming video clip of Reuben explaining the Volunteer Telephone Reassurance Program

Both men wanted us to make it clear that the programs they offer are not limited to people of the Jewish faith. Everyone is invited and welcome

60-Plus With Lillian Carine
What do all of these people have in common?.

For one thing, this person.

You may have heard of the concept of "Six Degrees of Separation".
Through her Public Access Show "60-Plus", and through all of her other endeavors, Lillian Carine seemed determined to remove at least five of those degrees here in Bayonne.

We interviewed some of Lillian's friends and replayed some clips from her show.
Click on this link for a brief streaming video clip of the famous 60-Plus opening theme. 60-Plus

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