Tony Maita's Hot Dogs, 2005
Another local fixture is the Tony Maita Lunch Wagon on 12th St and Broadway, between the Car Wash and Irene's.
We talked with Tony and Val about the present operation that they like to call "Tony's Greasy Spoon". The conversation inevitably turned to the old days, all the way back to Dominick's Resteraunt on 20th St. and Avenue C, and every business in between.

The Bayonne Coalition of Food Pantries
In July, 2005 we replayed a show that first aired in the summer of 2004. There are several volunteer organizations in Bayonne that collect and distribute food for the hungry. They need our help all year long, but the need is more acute and less addressed in the summer months.
Joann Dost from the H.I.G.H.W.A.Y.S. organization was our guide to this wonderful local collection of volunteer organizations.

For more information on how you can help, please refer to our Food Pantry page.

8th St. Station Area Pt. 3 (The Highway Project)
We came across some old video from about 1987 when they were tearing out the railroad bridges and building Route 169.
We then went back about 20 years later to try to take the same shots from the same spots.
We also have a short interview with one of the Woodward Brothers.

The Pet Shop, The Bikeathon, and The Turtles
In late July we went to Lurch's Pets on Broadway and 37th St. to look at some of his exotic pets.

Then we went to talk to Jerry Castaldo who was training for his August 13 Bikeathon called the Tour De Bayonne.

Lastly, we spent some time with Patrick Lynch and Patrick Lynch, father and son turtle keepers.

The Blasting and Dredging Tour, Revisited
Around October of 2002, we went on a boat trip in the Kill and the Newark Bay courtesy of the Army Corps. of Engineers.
In August of 2005, we remixed that footage on the Avio and offered it up again.

Coach Hladik, Bayonne Basketball Bees
Coach Jack Hladik, from the Bayonne Basketball Bees came to see us in August, 2005.
We showed part of a highlight tape from his championship year.
The tape was supplied by the incomparable Beth McMonagle.
I learned from Coach Hladik that a successful basketball program can turn the team members into ambassadors for the High School.
Chuckie, as usual, cut to the chase and got Coach Hladik to talk about the main goal of the program,
"to put the players into a college".

Terrence Malloy and the UEZ Update
In September of 2002 we did a show about the new Bayonne UEZ. We had Terrence Malloy, Dee Dee Botino, Neil Barmann and the people from Sound City
This September Mr. Malloy came back to give us an update.
So we got a progress report and some good information for entrepreneurs as well as for local property tax payers.

Bill Hastings, Grave Information
This show from September of 2005 will cover some information about local cemeteries and about some of the people buried there.
Bill Hastings gives us a tour that includes very nice cemeteries and some that are not so nice.

Throughout the tour he gives us some unique insights and valuable genealogical tips.
Rather than put up a number of screen shots, I'm going to put up the links to three web sites that Bill maintains.
All three are interesting sites that deal primarily with genealogy and local history.



Slate Sidewalks in Bayonne
We took a look at the remaining slate sidewalks in Bayonne. With some help from friends, we discussed how those slates got here, why they're disappearing, and where they've gone.
We had help from Priscilla Ege and Alice Lotosky, Alex Sabatini, Milton Warren Sharp and Helen Sharp, Walt Stupinski, Richard Sabo, Augie Caamano, and Bill Hastings

Pastime Hobbies and Miniatures

Awhile back this local store was featured on the cover of the local magazine "Bayonne, What a Great Neighborhood". It is the cover with the small boy looking at the electric train set in the store window.

My daughter suggested doing a show about this store after she stopped in and looked at one of their projects. The owners were building a scale miniature of a family home in Bayonne. The dollhouse is accurate right down to the wallpaper design. The pattern is exact and is in the proper proportion.

Of course they have other items, from sophisticated model train layouts, to simple Boy Scout Pinewood Derby models. They also have a website.

We'd like to thank Sal Ianacci from BEN-TV for his help with this presentation. We also tip our hat to Faryn.

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