Marvin Silber and The Birds

We found Marvin in the Bayonne Community News when he was featured identifying a red-tailed hawk that was hunting in Bayonne.
We asked him to share some pictures of other notable birds in the area and to tell us a story or two.
We came to find out that Marvin is willing to tell a story without a great deal of prompting.
Marvin Silber can be reached at (201) 437-0764, and I'm pretty confident that he would be happy to talk to you.

Bayonne Cal Ripken League and The Field of Dreams

Chuckie (The Coach) got Bob and Joe De Chiaro to come into the studio and tell us how the little baseball field on East 5th Street went from natural grass to field turf. Mike Miselis provided us with some pictures of the transition which we used on the show. Two of those shots appear here. More were used on the show and still more are available at the Bayonne Cal Ripken website.
They also gave us contact information for people that want to donate to the improvement. In addition, Bob gave us the exclusive premier announcement of the Next Big Project.

Hudson County Child Abuse Prevention Center

Ted Connolly, Bayonne's First Ward Councilman, is also the President of the board that governs the Hudson County Child Abuse Prevention Center.
Councilman Connolly visited the Mike and The Coach show in order to enlighten people as to the work of the H.C.C.A.P.
Peter Herbst came along to help explain some of the specifics. Peter is the Executive Director of this non-profit organization.
They gave us a couple of quick pointers, but more importantly, they gave us the means to contact the center. Get your pencils out.

Our roll-in was a tease that featured the Bayonne Bridgemen Alumni. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

8th Street Station Area, Part 1

In part one we look at the area of 8th Street and Avenue C, both in pictures and in maps.
The time span runs from the late 1800's to the early 2000's.
We have to thank Walt Stupinski and Steve Kachmarsky for some archival contributions. Also Kate Middleton and DiPali Sen.

The Tax Collector

Joanne Sisk is the Tax Collector for The City of Bayonne. She is also a person who I happen to know from seeing her around City Hall.
Chuckie knows her from City Hall but also from the various youth sports events that they see each other and each other's kids at.
We talked about taxes, tax collecting, and about getting answers to your property tax questions.
We also showed a very cool roll-in that Steve Kachmarsky gave us. This was an 8mm film at night of a trip up and down Broadway, looking at the Christmas lights. And it was vintage 1969.
It was so cool we showed it twice.

8th Street Station Part 2

In Part 2 we have pictures, film, maps and information about the 8th Street area that cover roughly a 100 year time period. We go from the late 1800's to today, showing the transition from railroad to highway and the loss of the railroad bridge from Bayonne to Elizabeth and beyond.

Through Walt Stupinski's efforts we also got to use a film clip from Mark S. Balkin of Mark I Video (800) 66 MARK.

The Bayonne Bridgemen Alumni

The Bayonne Bridgmen Drum and Bugle Corps graced this town in various incarnations from the 1960's to the 1980's.
The Bayonne Bridgemen Alumni is the 21st Century version. The new group includes those members who remember the moment and those who want to write a new chapter.
Mike and The Coach had the good fortune to present the alumni as they prepared for their comeback in May of 2005.
Look for them at the Bayonne Bridgemen Alumni website.

Dr. Epps and Assemblyman Manzo

Early in May we interviewed Dr. Epps and Assemblyman Manzo. Dr. Epps is the Superintendent of Schools in Jersey City who is running for a State Assembly Seat in the 31st District. Assemblyman Manzo is his running mate in the Democratic Primary and is running for re-election in the same district.

The Coach had to take the night off to attend a wedding. County Chosen Freeholder Barry Dugan agreed to fill in for Chuckie.

Freeholder Dugan and I questioned the candidates on their respective records and on their future goals. I think we provided plenty of good information for the serious voters in Bayonne.

Our roll-in featured Bayonne's Jim Monkowski discussing the creation of the "North Forty" park that would later be named for Mayor Richard Rutkowski.

The Concerned Citizens

Also in May some friends of ours from The Concerned Citizens of Bayonne stopped in to see us. We talked about their good works through the past 35 years and all the fun they had doing that work. They also gave of some pictures from their files.

The Borzelli Garden, 2005

Just before Memorial Day we went to see Carmine and Anna Marie Borzelli. I didn't know how much Chuckie already knew about gardening. I was there to vist. Chuckie was on a fact-finding mission.
We also got some help from the folks at Moosie's Garden Center on 14th St. and Broadway and from The Bayonne Garden Center at 21st St. and Avenue C.

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