The 56th Street Senior Center

The uptown Senior Center at 56th Street and Avenue B is in a building that once housed an unused water pumping station.
This installment of Mike and The Coach shows how someone decided to put that asset to a better use.
The first segment features Gary Chimielewski from the Quality of Life Office and Steve Gallo, from the Municipal Utilities Authority. Then we talk to Laura Donovan, Erica Daughtrey and Bruce Bigg, from the Health Department.
For more information about the Bayonne Senior Center at 56th Street, call Laura, Erica or Bruce at (201) 437-5996.
The show aired in July of 2004.

Jim Monkowski
Jim Monkowski is the Environmental Health Specialist for the City of Bayonne. We have him here in Bayonne as a result of an agreement that the Rutkowski administration made with the Hudson Regional Health Commission back in the early 1990's.
Since that time we have had two succeeding Mayors and a dozen or so City Council members and Department Heads who have arrived at the conclusion that the agreement should continue.
In this segment with Jim we cover everything from NASCAAR to National Security, from Bike Routes to Budget Woes.
This ran un July and August of 2004 By the way. Jim did announce his phone number. It is (201) 858-6107. Tell him Mike and The Coach said "Hi".

The Bayonne Clippers Swim Team

Near the end of the season, Mike and The Coach went down to get a look at the Bayonne Clippers Swim Team. They were just about to sew up their fourth consecutive Cross-County Championship.
We talked with Coach Tom Wojslawowicz, Assistant Coach Mohamed Abdelaal, and a few of the swimmers.
The show aired the second and third weeks of August.

Summer Sounds by The Bay

Ginger Kemp was our guest in August. Ginger is the producer of the summer concert series on Wednesday nights (7:00pm - 9:00pm) at the 16th Street Parl, Lower Level.

Mike and The Coach praised the shows and Ginger praised the performers, the light and sound crew, the city workers from the various departments, and the people that attend the concerts.

The big news was about the group "Black 47", scheduled to appear on August 25th.

Audience members are reminded that there will be a dropoff point for non-perishable food donations by the stage. Joann Dost from HIGHWAYS and members of the US Coast Guard will be on hand to accept the donations and see to their distribution among the various Bayonne Food Pantries.

Hudson County Clerk Javier Inclan'

Javier was unable to come to the studio so he invited us to his office in August.

Due to an active investigation by federal agencies, the office of the Hudson County Clerk is presently unable to process passport applications or provide copies of birth certificates.

The investigation is related to possible activities that pre-date Mr. Inclan's tenure, but the new Hudson County Clerk has taken steps to minimize any inconvenience that it has caused.

Javier has worked with City Officials such as Mayor Doria and County Officials such as Freeholder Dugan to ensure that there will be efficient alternate means for residents to obtain the documentation they seek. He also reports that state agencies have streamlined the application process for all Hudson County residents as an accomodation to the office of the Hudson County Clerk.

Information is available on the Hudson County Clerk website.

Bayonne Movie Houses, Part 1

Last March or April a viewer (Karen Vargas) suggested, "You guys should do a show on why there aren't any movie theaters in this town.

We decided that she had a good idea for a show. We came to find out that one 30-minute show would not really cover the topic. This will be Part 1.

In this part we get some information from Marci McKim and The Honorable Leonard P. Kiczek.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster

In September we welcomed Jack Burns from the Hudson County Office of Emergency Management (OEM), and Sue Marticek from the Bergen/Hudson Chapter of the American Red Cross.
Sue and Jack have a new project. They are reaching out to clubs and organizations that wish to help in times of emergency. They want to coordinate the efforts of those groups.
They will arrange for individual and group training. During times of disaster, those who would be of the most help are those that are prepared to operate within an organized structure. Jack and Sue are here to provide that structure.
Interested groups and individuals can contact Sue Marticek at (201) 433-3100.
Our roll-in for this show featured Pakorn Patimetha giving a CPR and First Aid class at the Greenville Avenue facility.

Bayonne Movie Houses (Pt. 2)

In the second of three parts, we continued the discussion with the Honorable Len Kiczek, former mayor of Bayonne.
We also went to see Mike O'Connor, the Executive Director of the Bayonne Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) to get some facts straight.
All of this research made Mike hungry, so he stopped at Bananti's on West 22nd St. for a sandwich.
Mike and Chuck introduced all of the segments from the the relaxing setting of the Edward F. Clark Park on 8th St. and Avenue C.

Bayonne Slide Show

Priscilla Ege and Alice Lotosky return to Mike and The Coach on the fifth anniversary of their slide show presentation.
The ladies' project has grown and adapted over those years. In addition to historic Bayonne buildings, they now present notable "ghost signs" and preserved entryways from days gone by.
This team from the slide show project can be reached at (201) 339-4093 or by email at
As a special feature, crewmember Anthony Campano models the latest fashion.

Bayonne Movie Houses, The Final Chapter

Mike and The Coach took a look back at the exciting movie houses of yesteryear.
We were joined by Genny and John Novak who presented their memories and their dish collection.
Then we talked to Laura Harris about her recollections from her days at The Strand Theater. Laura is the author of "Bayonne Memoirs, In Black and White", which is available at
Our thanks to all who helped us put this series together, in particular, Walt Stupinski, DiPali Sen and Karen Vargas.

Our Musical Review

This was a collection of clips featuring music we used in our first two years of shows.
Most of these were old favorites, but a few were airing for the first time.
We included the work of Chaz DePaolo, Willie Spade, Johnny Heart, Mike Miceli, and the Bayonne High School Bee Sharps.
We had planned to do more, but as so often happens on Mike and The Coach, we just ran out of time.

The show played for two weeks in November/December, 2004.

The Bayonne Rotary

The Bayonne Rotary is active in a program called The Gift of Life and Erica Dzikowski is active in the Bayonne Rotary.
Erica introduced us to Oyuna, Otgo, and Hal.
Oyuna is a very young girl from Mongolia who received life-enhancing surgery under the sponsorship of the Bayonne Rotary Club. Otgobayer ("Otgo") is Oyuna's mom.
Harold Kawalek (Hal) is a member of the Bayonne Rotary and a regional representative for their Gift of Life program.

If you are interested in supporting the Bayonne Rotary Gift of Life Program, or if you just want more information about the Bayonne Rotary Club, call Erica at (201) 823-0700 Ext. 2126

Bayonne Teen Idol

On the afternoon of Halloween, October 31, Chuckie went down to 16th St. Park to the new amphitheater to watch the performers in the Teen Idol contest. He was so impresssed that he offered to Ginger Boele Kemp that we would put the winners on a Mike and The Coach Show.

We visited the "individual performer" winner, Jared Visco, at his home and we were treated to a song.

We also went to a rehearsal of the "group" winners, Absolute Ruin, and they did an original piece for us. They also told us that they have a song available for download at The Pure Volume download site.

Finally, we were invited to the presentation of the prizes at the the office of Mayor Joseph V. Doria.

The showed was cablecast at the end of December, 2004 and the beginning of Januaury, 2005.

Fire Prevention Poster Contest

To cover the 2004 Poster Contest we started in October with an interview of the contest coordinator, Joyce Lynch. She gave us the background of the program. In Bayonne, the contest goes back to the 1950's. Joyce mentioned the people who created and expanded the program over those years.

We went back again in November to talk with the judges who selected over 120 prizes from over 4000 entries.

Finally in December we went back to attend the award ceremony and present a couple of awards.

Anyone who is interested in providing money for an award should contact Joyce Lynch at the Bayonne Fire Prevention Bureau.

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