When the studio closed for the summer Mike and The Coach kept right on doing new shows. We just went on location and used our own equipment to shoot and edit the shows. The first summer show we produced was a game between the Bayonne Clippers (2003 District Six Champions) against a team from Nutley.

Over the summer the Holy Family Falcons cross-country runners were out getting in shape for the 2003 season. Coach Bob Brennan explained the sport to us and the girls all ran their drills. Chaz DePaolo allowed us the use of his "Fusion 55" as the soundtrack for our running montage.

As the summer ended we were invited by Lisa Riccardi to present the Bayonne Youth Football Association football teams and cheerleading squads. We went to a cheerleading practice at Don Ahearn's Veteran's Stadium and to a football practice at 16th St. Park. The next week we went to the season opening parade and pep rally.

The first show back in the studio was on September 18th. That was the show that we retired the "Crybaby" award and named it the "Phoney Tony".
After naming the award, we decided to wait an episode prior to betstowing it.
We moved on to our roll-in, showing the work of a talented teen-age piano player, Shawin Meshkati.
Our guest was Joanne Kosakowski, the President of the Concerned Citizens of Bayonne. Our topic was the announcement of a bioterrism awareness presentation that was open to the public and made possible by the cooperation of the Concerned Citizens, the Hudson Regional Health Center, and the Bayonne Office of Emergency Management.

Near the end of September we awarded the newly-named "Phoney Toney" (formerly known as "The Crybaby") to Mickey Shemin. We called Mickey from the set as the show aired to announce to him that he was the first recipient, but we got his voice-mail.
Later we did our roll-in at the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor with the help of Bayonne's Environmental Health Specialist by Special Agreement with the Hudson Regional Health Center, Jim Monkowski.

Our featured guest was Nancy Kist, Executive Director of the Bayonne Local Redevelopment Authority. Nancy gave us an update as to progress and plans for the Peninsula. This redevelopment is not only the biggest thing that Bayonne has seen for awhile, it is the biggest opportunity for development along the New York Harbor in modern history. Nancy is aware of the significance of this development and is determined to take the time to see that it is done right.

In early October there was a soccer rivalry for Mike and The Coach to cover. The Holy Family Falcons went up against the Bayonne Bees. First we went to a Falcons practice to talk to Coach Cerreta and Coach Barberi.

Then we went to the pre-game and talked to Coach Pomers and Coach Degnen.
Finally, we talked with the people that matter the most. We talked to the atheletes that get out there and put it on the line.

We did another show in October that required two roll-ins. The first was Mickey Shemin, who was anxious to nominate the person to replace him as the "Phoney Toney". As you can see, Mickey treated the award as a hot potato.
Our second roll-in featured a dedicated Democratic Party Committeeman, Brain Dellabella. We figured that Brian was a good example of the fine Committeemen and Committteewomen of the Bayonne Regular Democratic Organization.
Our special guests on that show were Erica Daughtery and Dottie Roskowski. Erica is a young lady who holds a position of great responsibility. She is the Chairperson of the Bayonne Regular Democratic Organization. Erica was elected by majority vote of the Committeemen and Committeewomen, who in turn were elected by majority vote of the Democrats in the Primary.
Our other guest was Dorothy Roskowski, a very nice lady who has volunteered to assist with absentee ballots for the past 12 years.

In November we went to St. Mary's Star of The Sea School to see the show that Ronald McDonald came to present. Ronald came to visit St. Mary's Star of the The Sea School because the students and friends had contributed one million pull tabs for recycling and the money from those aluminumn tabs had gone to support the work of The Ronald McDonald House. We talked with Ronald, Mary Cole, Marie Capodice, Frank and Jean Perrucci, Mrs. Birtwhistle and Father Miller. We also featured a cameo with Mabel Aragon from Neighborhood Journal.

Also in November we did a show with Marie Pope and Fr. Paul from St Henry's. They were promoting the new LifeTeen program that meets at that parish. The first Life Mass and Life Night was on November 23rd. Mike and The Coach went to the mass and we would estimate that they got the program off to a fun start with about 40 teens in attendance. We expect the program will grow.

The last show we taped in November featured Matt Dorans and Ralph Pasqua from the Bayonne Lions Clubs. Our Roll-in took place at R&Bz on Broadway and Linnet St. One of these shots contains contact information for the club. Also, on that show, The Coach showed of the District 6 Championship jacket for his Clippers.

The next show that Mike and The Coach taped was our Second Annual Christmas Extravagavnza.
Our guests were some young ladies from Bayonne High School's Award-Winning "Musically Yours" Choral Group.
Our friends from the other shows, along with our friends from Cablevision, went all out to get this show ready. Take a look.

We ended 2003 with The Bayonne Elks Lodge. We had The Exalted Ruler, Lydia Mackintosh and the Inner Guard, June Helbig. The Bayonne Lodge of the Elks, as you may or may not know, provide a lot of services in this city. They are selling their building and relocating, but they are staying here in Bayonne, and remaining active in the community.
Before we brought on our guests, The Coach showed off the Father Orsinin Cookbook that he got from Joe Gizzi.

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