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Maria Karczewski

The first guest of the 2003 season was Councilmember At Large Maria Karczewski. Maria was in her first term, so we discussed her campaign, her endorsements, and her upcoming "meet and greet" type of fundraiser. I think the picture demonstrates that she had some fun with Mike and The Coach.

Valentine Set
Our second show of the 2003 season was the Mike and The Coach Valentine's Day Extravaganza. So, of course Chuck made a special effort and of course that show will have its own page.

Joe Nichols
Joe was a surprise. Chuck and I always thought he would make a good guest and that he had good information and insights, but we didn't know he would get such an audience reaction. The most calls we got up to that point were from people who had watched the Joe Nichols episode. The subject was property taxes. Joe is an attorney and is also the city tax assessor.
On a side note, the roll-in we used on Joe's episode featured Ted Zientec. Ted is a frequent visitor to the Bayonne City Hall and we used him on another roll-in on a later show, although at this time I cannot remember which show that was.

Ted Zientec

In February of 2003 we went to Building 72 at the old MOT. The gym in that building had been set up as a practice obstacle course for the candidates for the Bayonne Fire Department Test. Chief Lynch and Director Boyle saw to it that the facility was available. Lt. Burroughs (now retired) coordinated the effort. A lot of Bayonne FD members came down and pitched in to give all the interested candidates the best chance for success on the physical portion of the test. Chuck and I interviewed Chief Lynch, Director Boyle and Lt. Burroughs. We watched some firefighters run through the elements, and we even got a chance to try a couple ourselves.
Fire Director Boyle & Fire Chief Lynch FF Ned Foley on the Stairs Element
FF Felix Lopex advancing a line Lt. Rich Burroughs directing the troops
The last shot is Rich Burroughs checking Chuck's safety harness before Chuck climbed up the ladder. Chuck swears it was a fifty foot ladder. (It was 18 feet)

Rick Rodriquez
We got the the head coach of the 2003 State Champion Bayonne Bees football team through the connections that Chuckie enjoys.
The roll-in we used for that show was our best ever. It was shot and edited by Beth McMonagle. Chuckie knows the coaches, I know Beth.
Tundra Touchdown

Our guest for St. Patrick's Day was The Honorable Mary Jane Desmond. We also had a surprise visitor in Freeholder Barry Dugan. The roll-in took place at a St. Henry's Rosarie Society meeting and featured the Bayonne Steppers.

We did a show with Ginger Kemp outside of the studio. Ginger gave us a schedule of upcoming events including the Simpson Baber Run and the Reflections of Bayonne event in Stephen Gregg Park. She also gave us an early look at the Bayonne Magazine.

In March we did a feature with two ladies from the Bayonne Historical Society. Alice and Priscilla will travel to your club or group and present one of their Landmark Slide Shows. They don't charge a fee but will accept donations to the Bayonne Historical Society. Keep in mind, they have more than one slide presentation, so you can have them back even if you've already seen a show. On this day, Alice and Priscilla took Mike and The Coach on a little tour on Downtown Broadway. You can contact them at BaySlides@AOL.com

In April, as the primary election approached, we booked some candidates as guests. We had the honor of hosting Assemblywoman Elba Perez-Cinciarelli and Senate Candidate L. Harvey Smith. Our roll-in for that show featured the second appearance of Ted Zientec. I knew I'd find that second show

We interviewed Joseph V. Doria Jr. as the Assemblyman and candidate. He is also serving his second term as the Mayor of Bayonne. He was on his way from one meeting and we had him for an hour before he had to head out for another meeting. We sat down and talked for about 55 minutes with Juan Sambade directing and videotaping using one camera. We used the whole conversation. We just stopped and put credits up somewhere near the middle and called that the first show. Then we rolled the rest and called that show number 2.

We got back in the studio on May 1st with Jim Burton. That show was just pure fun. Jim had made a lot of friends over the years that he produced Bayonne Cablevision Public Access shows and we went out and got some words from some of them. Take a look at who joined in.

Hon. Leonard P. Kiczek Hon. Joseph V. Doria Jr. Steve Juchnewicz Judy Lewis Ginger Boele Kemp
Lauren Wanko Sal Ianacci Dave Pierson
Rick Rodriquez
Maria Karczewski
Jeannine Barbour
Andy Balik

The show is presented below in four parts. Part 1 includes some brief comments from several people who had worked with Jim Burton over the years.

In Part 2 Jim talks about John Hester, Russ King, Fran Saldano and Lillian Carine. Chuck brings up Jim's connection to Dionne Warwick.

In Part 3 the discussion is about the live call-in show that Jim once directed and the fact that the Mike and The Coach interview is the first time he appeared as a guest. He praises John Hester, talks about the end of his Cablevision employment and about the advantages of raising children in Bayonne.

Part 4 wraps up the interview with Jim explaining that Bayonne has more access channels than any city he knows of in New Jersey.

Bob DiChiaro, The Lost Show

In October of 2005 we began to archive the Mike and The Coach Episodes. We found one that we had neglected to include on the web page review.
In April of 2003 we had Bob DiChiaro on the show to talk about financial planning. Our roll-in was at the Jewish Community Center where Bob made a presentation with Ken and Maria Littrell.
They work with an organization called Primearica. There are rules against doing a public access show that promotes an investment company and there are good reasons for such rules.
We stayed away from promoting any of the Primerica products and kept the conversation to the general topic of financial planning.
We were criticised anyway.
Looking back at the two and a half year old show, though, I'm satisfied that we stayed well within the rules while providing an informational show.
The next time we saw Bob and the Littrells was at the Cal Ripken Unofficial Opening.

On the Saturday before Easter Sunday we went to the Cal Ripken Unofficial Opening Ceremony at the 5th St. field. We went back the following week for the Official Opening, but never got around to putting it together as a show. The people to the left with the Coach are Bob DeChiaro and Mike Misellis, two of the league founders. Chuck also interviewed Mike Columbo and Matt Brancatella, the coaches for the teams that played the first game. Mary Jane Desmond and Ralph Pasqua were given "First Pitch" honors. We also featured the umpire, Joe Giordano, and the hot dog vendor, George Mackow.

Jeannine Barbour was our guest in the studio on May 15. We talked about some Public Access history with Jeannine as she had co-created the Bayonne Public Forum show. We also talked about her past civic activism and her political participation. Jeannine would return later in 2003 Part 2 as a replacement co-host for one of the Mike and The Coach shows. She substituted for Chuck.

In early June we hosted Monsignor Hajduk from St. Henry's on the occasion of his fiftieth aniversary (Jubilee). In our roll-in we interviewed the co-executive producer of Mike and The Coach (Steve Gallo) and Father Paul from St. Henry's.

Later in June we reviewed the results of the Democratic Primary for State Assembly in the Bayonne Districts. Anthony Chiappone did well in the 31st District due to the results in the Jersey City sections of the 31st District. We have since seen evidence of massive election fraud in those Jersey City districts. In addition, Chiappone tends to do well in areas where people do not yet know him. In Bayonne, where he is well known, he came in third place or lower in 50 out of 51 districts. His overall vote in Bayonne where people have come to know him was about half that of the Elba Perez-Cinciarelli who finished 2nd in almost every district and it was a small fraction of first place finisher Joe Doria.
Mike and The Coach saw Tony on his show make the claim that he and his team "held our own" in Bayonne, so we decided it was time for someone to tell the public access audience the truth. The truth is no friend to Tony Chiappone.
Mike and The Coach took out the district maps and the push-pins and went district by district showing how the voters in Bayonne came out in droves to tell Chiappone and his cronies that we don't want them around here. It was a fun show.

Near the end of the school year, Mike and The Coach visited Miss Lipinski and her 5th grade class at Midtown Community School. We taped the reports of several students who acted as tour guides of Bayonne.

Late in June we booked Joe Saks as a guest. The coach couldn't make it to that show because he was coaching the Bayonne Clippers ball club to a Division Six Championship. Fortunately, Jeannine Barbour was able to fill in on short notice. Joe Saks was a great guest. He's a 19-year-old graduate of Bayonne High and student at Haverford. The reason he was on the show is that he has an interest in government, so much so that he spent his vacation time as an intern, working on various city projects. We figured that Joe would be a good example of the seasonal workers the city hires on a temporary basis. Once again, we were right.

That finished the first season. Cablevision closed the Bayonne studio over the summer for maintenance and upgrades and to train a new group of people who were interested in becoming Public Access users. Mike and the Coach kept right on doing shows, but we went out and did them on location. Those shows are the beginning of the new page, 2003 Part Two.

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